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  Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Email Management 
Visitors to a Web site equipped with BroadStrategy Email Management will find a very convenient, user-friendly environment for requesting information. When visitors click on a contact us or `for more information' button, the BroadStrategy Email Management system generates a customized form for the visitor to fill in. The form could request information about the subject of the inquiry, the visitor's preference for being contacted (email, postal service, phone, etc.), address information or any other data that the host organization wants to request. After completing the form and clicking on a `submit' button, an immediate message acknowledging receipt of their inquiry and providing a unique tracking number for reference in future correspondence is sent to the inquirer. Then, based on the information provided by the site visitor, BroadStrategy Email Management routes the inquiry to a pre-determined message folder, to be answered by a designated company expert. Experts then respond with personalized answers. BroadStrategy Email Management is user-friendly for Web administrators, too. With installation, initial configuration and training services included in the basic package, BroadStrategy Email Management can be integrated into most Web sites' infrastructure in just two days. After that, configuration and form set-up `wizards' make it easy to add new users, change forms and modify content. In addition, using message-analysis tools within the software, BroadStrategy Email Management allows businesses to quickly identify messaging and response trends. Each message is assigned a status and each action is "time-stamped" and the user performing the action is logged. Online reports are available to give users immediate feedback and insight into system effectiveness.
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